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16.11.2018 - 18.11.2018

Autumn session Wageningen 16-18 November 2018

We cordially invite you for Autumn Session in Wageningen.

Place: church Johannes de Doperkerk, Wageningen, Address: Bergstraat 17, Wageningen

The retreat includes biblical teaching and practical training to empower Christians to develop, build confidence and understanding in fulfilling the will of God. The retreat includes prayers, talks, worship and singing for God.

- The retreat is intended for everyone: Students and older parishioners from Dutch and international communities,

 - It will be led by two leaders from Ireland, and a special guest Father Charles-Benoit Reche from franciscan friars of the renewal

 - It is free of charge, based on voluntary donation,
 - For those who participated in previous sessions the new topic will be introduced,


For a detailed plan of the retreat please contact Gosia at


We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Branch: Wageningen
Levels: 2, 1, 0a - Вперше на Школу Марії
Address: Johanes de Doper Kerk, Bergstraat 17, Wageningen, Wageningen, Netherlands