School of Christian Life & Evangelization of Saint Mary from Nazareth & Mother of the Church

The School of Christian Life & Evangelization is a formational movement that leads to the full understanding of Christian life and prepares Catholics to be leaders in the Church, either in parishes, different Church movements, or prayer groups.

  1. Schooling lasts for eight years. Each year except for the sixth and seventh is divided into four sessions. There is a two week session held during the summer, and three weekend sessions are held during fall, winter, and spring. 

  2. The School is led by Capuchin Friars with laypeople community leaders from many cities and many countries.:

  3. The goal of the School is not only sharing knowledge, but preparing people to meet the living God. Another focal goal is to develop relations between parishes and prayer groups from different parts of Ukraine and the world.

  4. The structure of the School is open. This means, that after the School’s retreat, those willing are invited to join a KOINON, a community of Christian leaders. The leaders meet on two weekend retreats (fall & spring), which are formational and monographic sessions. These leaders take part in different Church activities (lower level School sessions, retreats for children & youth, pilgrimages, youth meetings, etc.). During the year, the leaders help out in parishes and local church groups. This way, the School not only wants to form, but it additionally aims to create a permanent society of Christian leaders who work together, share their experiences, and live in a bond of companionship.

  5. The School does not give theological knowledge in the stricto sense, which is needed to uphold a canonical mission so that one could, in example: teach religion.

  • The School gives something more than any other theological teaching institution by forming leaders for various Church groups (biblical, evangelization, prayer, and charity groups, etc.), and other Church activities.

  • Some of the School’s members, gain theological knowledge from different theological universities and teaching institutions.

  • One of the School’s and KOINON’s goals is to create strong local communities.

  • The School’s and KOINON’s goal is a strong cooperation between these communities which will lead to the development of a united web of these communities on an international level.

  • The Order of Friars Minor Capuchin the Cracow Province is responsible for the School’s work. The founder of the School is Brother Piotr Kurkiewicz OFMCap. The director of the School is Brother Zbigniew Sawczuk OFM Cap.